If you think that beaches is all that Antigua has to offer then you might want to think again because the Antigua and Barbuda trip which we are going to be describing about, you may want to consider Antigua citizenship by investment just like you do to acquire Grenada passport by investment.

There are flights arriving from all over the world to this one place and when you arrive it is mostly going to be lunch time or post lunch. We would recommend you to not ride off on the adventures just now but instead save your energy and take a seat with a chilled mojito. The island is filled with 365 beaches which mean that there is high chance that your resort has a beautiful view of the Caribbean to offer. Dip your toes in the white sand and soak in the sun. If you would like to be active then why not try some water sport activities.

If you are there on a Thursday or Sunday then make sure that you are looking out for the amazing sunset views at the Shirley Heights with great music and BBQ to enjoy. Even though it sound very touristy and expected you still need to see the sunset because it is going to be the most wholesome view which you will see all day. Now that you are watching the sunset, make sure you are also ready to have dinner because most of the tourist spots open early so you better catch a goodnight’s sleep.

If you have extra time then you should definitely catch a ferry which leaves for the Antigua’s twin island Barbuda. Even though the island was destructed in the Caribbean hurricane it still has a beautiful pink beach to offer which is worth exploring for every tourist. Wake up the next day and tour the beauty of Antigua with breakfasts and lunches which are surely going to be mesmerizing enough as the cuisine is the first and best thing which any tourist must aim for.

You don’t have to worry about your accommodation when you think of visiting Antigua as there are many different options to choose from ranging from high class hotel to beachfront views, have your pick. Most of them also accommodate meal plans so look for the one which sounds the most convenient to you.