Dental implants are used to replace your roots with metal wires, if you jawbone is dislocated it is fixed with screws. And if you have a missing tooth, it can be replaced by an artificial one. Also, dental implants help in replacing the damaged tooth or teeth. But with so many benefits comes some side effects as well. If you are chain smoker you will have to quit smoking until the healing process is done and you have to work on your speech all over again. And you cannot miss any appointments at any cost, or else it can get worse for your mouth and overall health as well.

These are more of commitments, the actual risks include months of chronic pain and not having eat whatever you want and a heck load of medicines. There are many sour mouth washed that you have to do every day in different times. Some of the risks are rare but you can be a victim because every cloud has a silver lining and if not all risks occur may be one can. But most of the risks can be cured and treated with time. Sometimes people face different infections in the implants or most people endure injury or damage to the nerves which causes pain in other teeth or blood vessels open up and cause bleeding gums but these are normal and it happens a lot. And these risks can be treated quickly and the treatment doesn’t cost much.

The risks which involve long run treatment happen when you get the implants in your upper jaw. In such cases sinuses can cause irritation, sneezing and some complaint on swelling in the throat because the body or mouth for that matter is not used to the frame or screws. Some people also reported for having a bruised face, like if someone got into a fist fight or a brawl. But this will wear off soon as whole titanium pieces are fixed in your mouth.

But if you are looking for best and risk free or side effect free dentistry art done in your mouth, then you will have to go places; the UAE. There you can find the best dentists in Abu Dhabi. People from all over the world come here to get their dental issues fixed.

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