School Life & Its Importance

Everyone remember and loves the memories of their primary schools. Where he spent about ten years of their life where he made many friends. These friends are always in good memories of a person. I remember almost every school friend up till now. Few of my friends are still in my contact since then. In this phase, there was only one worry that was to get maximum marks in the class.

Normally, people forget the pre-school life because its duration is one to two years and also due to very small age. I don’t remember the pre-schools friends. If you are in Dubai and want good pre-schools for your child then you may find good nursery in JBR Dubai Marina. You may see it here on the internet for more information.

I remember the elementary education friends. This phase of education is the longest one. There are so many events occur in this phase which we remember in whole life. For instance, one remembers that time when he got first position in the class or he got failed. Most of the people also remember their teachers who taught them. I always see the building of school when I pass the way where my school situated and remember all the fun of that time.

I also remember that I was a captain of my class football team and I was also the best football player of the class. Mostly I play football in the school ground where we also did physical exercises. I remember the daily parade time where national anthem was sung. What a time it was? Wasn’t it?

We daily waited for school van whether it was a cold weather or hot weather. My parents daily prepared lunch for me and I ate with my friends. We always share lunch with each other. It was really a fun.

Some of my school friends have become doctors, some have become engineers and some have become financial and cost management accountants. My all school friends are very well set financially in their lives. Some have passed away. I share my school life with my family means my wife and children they know many of my school friends. I have some pictures of my school friends. I keep them in my special box. If time came back, I would go again to my school life but this is not possible.