Italian or modern? The choice is yours

There are a lot of different kitchen deigns and styles are available but the two main themes are Italian and modern. People prefer both of them over other designs. There is a slight difference between both of them and you can choose any of them according to your personal preferences. There is no hard and fast rule that which one is best or looks beautiful. It is up to you that which kitchen designs Dubai you choose and how you set them up. The main differences between these two are written below for you ease. You can read this and then make your choice:

Lights: In Italian kitchen design the kitchen companies Dubai use warm colors light yellow and orange or red orange to give a look of vintage and old era. If you are a fan of old school then you should go for this type and you will definitely like it. On the other hand modern designs will have a colder like with the use of cold colored lighting like blue and white. If you like to have a modern look instead of the vintage one then you should go for this one.

Furniture: In Italian design the furniture which is used looks heavy and made of wood. It has this wooden furniture inside the kitchen for a quick meal and you can have breakfast or tea there when you are in hurry instead of going to the dining table. On the other hand in modern kitchen the basic theme is that the kitchen should be spacious to give the freedom of roaming around easily so they do not include furniture inside the kitchen. They have it on the outside like if you want to have breakfast then you have to go the dining table for that.

Accessories: In Italian kitchen the accessories and all the decoration pieces should be of old look to match with the old school look of the kitchen. They should look antique like you can have a beautiful wrought iron piece in your kitchen wall or you can have some wooden decoration pieces and clay pots with plants in them. You can also have wooden wall clock. In modern kitchen you cannot have these things rather you have to use the things looks informal and modern.