What does the term personal trainer mean?

A personal trainer is someone who is experienced and have full knowledge about anything. It can be related to sports or exercising as well as business or career. They motivate their clients in achieving their goal. There are basically two people involved in personal coaching or training, one is the trainer or coach and the other one is the client, client is also known is coachee. The learner is sometimes known as a coachee.

A coach is hired if you are seeking assistance to achieve certain physical or any other goals. Personal trainer is a sort of mentor and instructor to keep you on track. We should know that personal training is not counseling or therapy.

How they help you to set realistic goals?

Personal trainer judges you by focusing on you physical and mental conditions. If you want to have a perfect bikini body for your summer and you hire a personal fitness trainer then he or she will make sure that your body is capable of achieving your goal or not. They will tell you if you can achieve it or not and if yes then what you have to do to achieve it.

How do personal trainers or coaches motivate their clients?

They make effective strategies and ways to achieve the goal without putting their client in any danger. They make you set an alarm for yourself and then tell set your daily strategies. And the client has to follow them no matter what in order to get the results.

Is there a specific place where coaching take place?

Coaching can take place anywhere, it actually depends on the clients. A client can have the training at his or her home or at any gym or even outdoor. The trainer is okay with the place because he doesn’t care what the place is, his concern is with the client not the place.

What happens after the goal is achieved?

When they achieve their goal they get separated but first they celebrate their win. A coach is doing all this for money, sometimes they take money at the time of commitment and sometimes they take money after when the goal is achieved.

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