Emergency cleaning tips and tricks

We have all been in this dreadful scary situation where you ask someone to come over and they take it seriously. You have an hour before they arrive and things are not looking good at your place. The scene is very overwhelming and you are regretting the every guilty pleasure that you had watching long funny cat and baby videos. You may be going back and forth about cancelling the plan or coming up with a creative excuse that your cat is pooping in rainbow colors who needs a doctor. Well, stop feeling hopeless and get yourself working and cleaning the place with our tips that will surely come in handy. If need be, you should also consult with leading cleaning materials suppliers in Abu Dhabi.

First step is to stop being all over place. Grab your headphones and cleaning supplies get on the mission of emergency cleaning. Ask your house mates to get on the job of cleaning and divide the work amongst them – no funny business strictly. Ask everyone to pick sections of house such as hiding the laundry efficiently in the bathroom or picking up toys and gathering them in toy basket.

If you are wondering what needs to be done in such a situation then remember, this is not the time to keep everything back at its place. This is the time to just get the clutter out of sight. Do everything in your will that you can and tuck everything in a drawer or cupboard. If these kinds of situations often happen to you then it will be a smart idea to keep a cupboard specially dedicated to tucking away the clutter in emergency situations.

Get up and make your bed, remove any traces of pet litter. If you think the place isn’t clean and air does not smell fresh, trust your gut feeling, your house is most definitely not fresh at all. Eliminate everything that you think is creating smell such as trash or pet litter etc, and spray a room fresher so that you can make things look fresh and smell fresh too.

Don’t forget to dust different surfaces because you don’t want guests scribbling happy faces on your TV trolley or thinking about what kind of cave you live in. You don’t have to worry much about cleaning, mopping and sweeping floors because that is one thing that everyone understands and you can maybe pretend like you wear running shoes inside your house all day long. Once you have achieved a clean look of the place then you should head over and get your delicious smelling scented candles out, dim lights of your place and get dressed. This is a very important step. If you are not presentable in clean clothes then it gives everything away. You don’t want to look like you just spent the last hour cleaning and dusting your house just because they were to arrive. Prepare a pleasant meal and be there to entertain your guests so they don’t feel left out and enjoy your time. Click here for further details.