Difference between Web Design and Development

Web design and Web development are the two terms which keep intermingling with each other and when a rookie looks at them, they often get confused with them. While it is pretty clear that Web development refers to the process of developing and creating a website with high knowledge of programming languages and all the backstage work, a website designer works on more of the creative side of the website as they suggest and design the entire layout and final look of the site is what they decide.


The design files created by a web designer come to life with the programming CSS, HTML, Javascripts and PHP languages are directed by web developers.


Web Designers not only need to be creative but also need to have a balanced understanding of colors and patterns and smartly placing that all together creating a beautiful piece of art. Other than that, design and pattern theories with colour theories that needs to be understood properly and applied correctly while creating designs and that’s when the real beauty comes out when there is unity and togetherness in the layout and structure.


Once the designs are created, they are set into a framework created by web developers. Consider this all a piece of the puzzle as the designers create the puzzle and developers join the pieces together creating a website which caters to all the needs of the clients and provide them with satisfactory results.


An individual who is capable to do both, develop and design the sites, then they are good for website development company in Dubai as their hunt for two different individuals will now end with a single person single handedly taking care of both sides and aspects. It is also beneficial for individuals as they then are able to work and put their heart and soul in a project and very proudly be able to say that this is my product.


The field of IT is very vast and there are a hundred different career opportunities for the web developers and IOS app development Dubai in this progressing world of 21st Century where every work happens on the devices and the internet. It is the best of interest of youths as they love technology and playing with it, creating something which can benefit them.