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Last updated 25 August 2010

656/1407E 3M No. 2.
◀ This folder opens out to a size of approximately 6 inches by 5¾ inches, and is designed to fold down the centre to make it pocket sized.
May 1957

557/1083E 5M
◀ This folder has detailed timetables for the All-Night Bus services and the night-time Main-Line Station Bus. It also gives details of the “early morning” journeys on normal daytime bus services.

3 February 1960

8 November, 1961
16 pages

9 May, 1962

9 October, 1963

30 June, 1964

September 1964

24 March, 1969

23 August, 1969

14 February, 1970

18 April, 1970
40 pages
The timetable book for the network of London Transport night buses as they were at April 1970 had timetables for the complete series of “N” services as well as “early and late” journeys on all the normal services. It included three pages of route maps.

30 January, 1971

19 June, 1971

London Transport’s 1970s design Night Buses booklets contained timetables of night service buses together with an overall route map plus a further map of the central area. They measure approximately 6¾" by 4¼" (170mm × 110mm) and generally had 24 pages.

The timetable centrefold, showing the network of Night Bus routes; this one from the 31 January, 1976 edition. ▶

May 13, 1972

September 16, 1972

February 9, 1974

October 5, 1974

25 April 1975
24 pages

29 June, 1975

31 January, 1976
24 pages

6 March, 1976

4 June, 1977

28 January, 1978
28 pages

4 November, 1978
28 pages

6 May, 1978

1 September, 1979

July 1981

June 1983
71 pages

October 1983

April 1984
87 pages

July 1984
87 pages

October 1984
96 pages
◀ The October 1984 night buses timetable guide contains full timetables to the night-bus network, last buses from Central London, British Rail night services, a fold-out Central London service map, and a fold-out route map. ▶
October 1984

February 1985
95 pages

May 1985
95 pages
◀ Each overnight route is listed with a full schedule in the Night Bus “slimline” timetable for May 1985. There are two fold-out maps, and it also includes late tubes and British Rail night trains.
November 1985
103 pages

July 1986
100 pages

March 1987

London’s Night Bus network

Night Bus routes in Central London

March 1987

July 1987 Update
16 pages
Text from the cover:
This update should be read in conjunction with the Night Owls Guide dated March 1987. From Friday night 10th July a number of all-night bus routes which run to Waterloo will be diverted to serve Victoria thus giving better links with other night buses and the hourly all-night train service to Gatwick Airport via Clapham Junction and East Croydon.
We’re introducing new timetables for Night Buses N14, N68, N78, N88, N89 and N94. Please see inside this leaflet for full details. Also, it has been necessary to change the times of some buses on many other routes. A few will run just one or two minutes later, whilst other changes are noted in the following pages.
It is planned to make some changes to Night Buses N2, N11, N14, N18, N50, N59, N90, N92, N93 and N97 from late September.
Full details will be available nearer the time.

November 1987

84 pages
◀ A timetable book giving full details of all night bus services operated by London Transport at November 1987. Also included are late night and early morning journeys on other non-night services, and diagrammatic route maps inside the fold-out front and rear cover pages.

November 1989

92 pages
◀ The November 1989 guide to Buses for Night Owls includes full timetables for all routes then operational, and also the all-night British Rail services. This booklet is in large leaflet format and was valid from November 1989. It also includes various maps inside the fold-out covers.
1991 Nº 1
South London
◀ This is one of a pair of London Transport Buses for Night Owls folders, this one covering services in South London. There is a separate one for North London; previously these had all been included in one booklet. They each include a full route map (north and south in each folder) plus full timetables for all routes then operating. Also included are various other maps and information panels.

October 1993
North London area

April 1994

November 1995

April 1996
144 pages
◀ The April 1996 Night Bus Guide has grown again, with 16 pages of street maps, although there is now only one fold-out map. Each night bus route is listed with full a schedule.

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